Fly Fishing Report


Lower Sacramento Redding area

(Updated weekly for Spring 2020) 

Flows coming out of Keswick Dam are about 8,000 cfs give or take a few 100 cfs.  Regardless, fishing is about as good as it gets and Mr. Fox is certain it will remain good until the Virus runs it's course and beyond. Don't let fear keep you from going fishing, OBEY! You'll either get sick or you won't.  Society as a whole needs to build up immunity to it. Time to go now!  Book Mr. Fox! Do it NOW! OBEY!


Shad N Striper!

(Updated weekly for Spring/summer 2020)

Shad are in.  Book when the weather starts to warm.  It's much more enjoyable to catch shad in shorts and a tshirt vs. a jacket.  Call Mr. Fox now to book your super fun fly fishing afternoon of shad fishing!  Stripers are in the system but not full steam in Mr. Fox's neck of the woods quite yet.  OBEY!