Fly Fishing Guide Service Options


Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Drift Boat Trip

Drifting a full day (7-10 hours on the water, may vary) down the Lower Sacramento River.  Launching sites and meeting time may vary depending on time of the year and flows. Can be anywhere from the Posse Grounds in Redding all the way down to Chico. Techniques used - mostly floating fly line, indicators and nymphs.  If you have difficulty achieving a drag-free drift or have never even touched a fly rod, Mr. Fox can provide  instruction. Past clients receive a rate freeze, same price as your last booking!

$450/boat (2 anglers max, shuttle included)


3/8 Day late afternoon float trip

This trip takes place from mid-June to mid-September. Starting times are late afternoon till after dark. The trip starts out by using the indicator method then transitions into swinging soft hackles and caddis emergers along with some dry fly fishing.  This is a kick in the pants and during the heat of the summer, temperatures can be 10-20 degrees cooler on the water.
$250/boat (2 anglers max, shuttle not included) 


Trinity River

 Full day drift on one of northern California's (State of Jefferson) most beautiful rivers. Fishing can be excellent from September to March (don't worry, cold weather can be overcome with today's modern clothing technology).  I can also adjust the length of the drift to shorter sections of river so you can get out of the boat to wade and try other super fun fly fishing methods such as high-sticking and swinging (both with traditional heads and/or with light spey!).  There are a lot of guides over here to choose from, but you would be wise to give me a call and book a trip! Do it! Now! (Loyalty bonus rewards! - If you have booked Mr. Fox in the past, your rate has been frozen for your lifetime!)

$450/boat (2  anglers max, price includes food, drink, snacks and gear use but no shuttle, sorry).


1/2 Day Trinity River

1/2 day on the Trinity? WHAT?!!! No one does that!  Only available paired with a full day on the Trinity. Must book either 1 day before or 1 day after a full day.   Late on the water and early off the water.  Makes driving home easy!

$300/boat (max 2 anglers, shuttle and food not included)


Stripers on the fly

 1/2 day trip (5-6 hours on the water), afternoons, from Mid-June through the end of September on the Sacramento River in the Sacramento Valley.  Can combine a little shad, trout and largemouth bass fishing as well. Snacks and drinks are provided. Come prepared for the effort it will take to cast a head on a heavy rod with big flies for hours on end in the heat.  

$250/boat (2 anglers max)


Shad on the Fly

 Sacramento River jet boat trip.  Best time of the year runs from Early-May to Mid-June, but can vary.  Shad fishing used to be really good in the 80's and 90's but has been hit or miss in this century.  2019 felt like the "good ol' days" for a couple of weeks.   Feel free to call or email and inquire and then book a trip now!  Experience the fun (and the relaxtion of a shad trip with Mr. Fox. Easy!) This is an afternoon to dark trip (5-6 hours on the water).

$250 for the boat (2 anglers max)

Drift Boat Rowing Lessons


There's quite a few folks that want to learn to row their drift boat so they can take their friends out and enjoy a drift and catch fish, but to be honest, the person rowing the boat is of tantamount importance to the angler if catching fish is the goal.  Mr. Fox loves to see the student grasping the concepts so they can be successful going out on their own.  Mr. Fox will teach the basics of rowing a drift boat, but also stress the importance of drift boat placement and speed as it relates to catching fish. Ettiquette is taught as well!  Any time of the year is great!  Try to pick a calm day as wind can wreak havoc on a "newbie" on the oars.   Student uses own boat.  Student arranges shuttle and brings own food and gear. Mr. Fox sits in the back seat and barks instructions.  A friend fishes in the front so rowing student can see  the concepts being applied in real time.  Mr. Fox will fish occasionally throughout the time on the water.

$100 for a 3-4 hour outing.



 To balance out his outdoor life, Mr. Fox also guides hunters for pig, turkies, bear, deer and elk.  He does this with his clone and identical twin brother, the other Mr. Fox.  Trips are booked through Western Wildlife Adventures ( and also MUM Inc. (  We had a very successful 2018.